Our goal at divinginsurance.net is to bring you, the diver, detailed information on what we think is the best option for diving insurance and dive-travel insurance coverage. After a careful review of the different options available today we concluded that the best insurance programs are offered through DiveAssure.

Diveassure diving insurance coverage

DiveAssure has been around for over 15 years, and specializes solely in different insurance options for divers, which means that they are experts in the field of diving and dive-travel insurance. When you review their programs it’s obvious that they were created by divers, for divers. Every benefit and service was carefully selected and adjusted to fit the specific needs of divers. Starting from primary coverage, which allows DiveAssure to pay service providers around the world in real-time, so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for your treatments. As divers, you know how expensive a diving vacation could be, and especially if you are going on a liveaboard. When you invest so much money into your dream vacation you want to make sure that you cover yourself for the unforeseen. There’s always the possibility that right before you go on your trip something will happen and you will be required to cancel your trip.  Coverage for lost diving days due to various reasons, trip cancellation coverage due to medical inability to dive, and the exclusive Liveaboard Rider that takes travel insurance for liveaboards to a new level of coverage, make DiveAssure’s programs the best and most comprehensive option for that moment when your plans are interrupted.  

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Additionally, DiveAssure has been working hand in hand with Duke Dive Medicine (DDM) at Duke University. DDM is the world leading facility in hyperbaric medicine. Medical staff from all around the world is trained at DDM, and later operates hyperbaric chamber in many diving areas. DDM partnered with DiveAssure in 2010, and through this partnership, many new services became available to DiveAssure members, such as  24/7 access to the DiveAssure and DDM medical hotline, which offers medical consultation services by the best hyperbaric physicians in the world, assistance in emergencies, and much more. A DDM physician is always involved when a DiveAssure member is being treated at a hyperbaric chamber, to insure that you are receiving the best treatment for your condition. The DDM physician will consult with your treating physician, answer any questions you or your family may have, and will also be available in the future to for consultation with your doctor back home. This amazing service guarantees that you are in good hands.

All of the above, along with DiveAssure’s great customer service and competitive rates, made it easy for us to select DiveAssure as our preferred provider of diving and dive-travel insurance.