1. Medical coverage for diving accident. This needs to include treatments at a hyperbaric chamber, along with any type of medical treatment that is given at a hospital.
  2. Evacuation coverage. We usually don’t dive in the middle of Paris, where if something happens we can quickly get to a number of hospitals. Sometimes we are far away from the coast, or a decent medical facility, not to mention that we could be far from a hyperbaric chamber. A good policy will include coverage for evacuation, including air evacs, so that you know that in case of need you will be able to quickly get to a facility that can treat your type of injury.
  3. Repatriation coverage is also important. That means that your insurance company will pay to fly you back to your country to continue treatment, or just to go back home with a medical escort if needed.
  4. Diving gear coverage can come in handy if during a diving accident the unthoughtful people around you didn’t think to send your BC, tanks, flippers, mask, wetsuit, diving computer and weights with you on that tiny helicopter or ambulance. With a good policy you can worry about your health and not worry about everything that was left behind.

Evacuation coverage

In my next posts I will get into the details of what options we have today for diving accident coverage. I will start comparing the different products and options to try and give you a better idea as to the quality of each policy. I will also get into additional coverage options that us divers need when we travel, to cover more than just the diving part of our trips.
If you have any comments, feedback or questions I would love to hear from you. Also, if there are specific topics that you want me to talk about in my next’s posts please let me know.