Coverage for Liveaboard Vacations

Liveaboard trips have unique scenarios that might not be covered by a travel insurance program, and as a result, you can find yourself losing your entire trip investment. Liveaboard trips are generally more expensive than a resort vacation, and should be covered accordingly. DiveAssure identified this need and has added the option to purchase travel insurance that includes additional benefits to full cover your liveaboard vacation.


When you add the Liveaboard Rider to your Deluxe or Elite plans you continue to enjoy all the benefits offered under those plans, as well as enhanced coverage ‎designed to protect you against unforeseen scenarios specific to liveaboard trips. The following exclusive benefits are included when you add the Liveaboard Rider to the Deluxe or Elite programs:


Trip Cancellations Due To:

  • Trip cancellation coverage due to a missed connection resulting in missing the liveaboard or in additional cost to join it.
  • Trip cancellation coverage for missing liveaboard departure due to airline delays.

Lost Diving Days Due To:

  • Medical inability to dive.
  • Weather conditions not enabling diving/sailing.
  • Diving accident to other passenger on boat causing the boat to abort planned diving.
  • Expenses not reimbursed by the tour operator for default /mechanical breakdown to air supply.
  • Financial Default of the liveaboard operating company, or tour operator (Covered already by the Elite Plan).