When shopping for insurance options you will discover that many companies offer a wide variety of unrelated insurance products without any specific specialization. . Some companies will even give you a discount on certain policies when you buy more than one type of coverage through them. While this might be a good thing for people who are looking for a one-stop-shop solution for, say homeowners and life insurance, diving insurance should still be purchased from a company that really specializes in diving.


When you look for diving insurance coverage you will of course find the obvious providers, such as DiveAssure and DAN, but there are other companies out there s that say that they cover diving. This might be true, however, when you look at  the fine print of their policies you will see  that maybe this is not what you had in mind. For example, some providers will cover diving only up to a certain depth. You dont  want to dive to 40ft, only to find out that you were only covered up to 30ft. Some companies will limit the number of hyperbaric treatments that they will cover, so in case of a severe accident you are left worrying about that. . Other providers might cover you medically but won’t  pay for evacuation, so you are basically on your own until you get to the chamber or other medical facility, and if repatriation is needed, you will also end up paying for it yourself.


The advantage of buying insurance from a specialized diving insurance provider is that they cover all of the above and more. . Diving insurance providers also know the industry, and understand that even though diving is a safe activity, there are unique scenarios in diving that other insurance companies are not aware of, or simply choose to not cover because of the high cost associated with it.  


When looking for your next diving insurance provider, filter out all the general insurance companies, and look for a specialist. , The next step is to be sure to compare the diving coverage that is available between diving insurance providers and make sure you are getting the most for your money.