Any vacation abroad can be expensive, and when you invest so much in your dream vacation you want to make sure that your investment is protected with travel insurance against unforeseen scenarios. Things get even more expensive when your are going on a diving vacation, as often your destination is far away, or you are going on a liveaboard trip, which is more expensive than the average hotel vacation.

Making sure you protect your investment in the best way can be tricky. There are many travel insurance providers who offer a wide range of insurance programs, from very basic programs with limited coverage, to more expensive and more comprehensive programs. Such options may cover you for the basics, however, when going on a diving vacation you need to make sure that your travel insurance policy will actually cover you for what you really need. DiveAssure’s dive-travel programs were created with the diver needs in mind. This means that on top of all the usual coverage, special benefits were added to cover all of those unique scenarios to diving vacations, such as full medical coverage for diving accidents, coverage for lost diving days, coverage for delayed or lost diving gear, trip cancellations due to missing your boat departure, and much more. A DiveAssure policy may, in some cases, be more expensive than a general travel insurance program, however, you get much more in terms of coverage that actually meets your needs.

Many divers also carry an annual diving insurance policy to cover diving accidents. When adding a single-trip dive-travel policy to cover your trip you also increase your coverage for diving accidents, thus making sure that even when diving on the other side of the world, you will still be covered in full. Divers who travel more than once in a year should consider the annual multi-trip plan, which will cover any number of trips abroad.

To summarize: it is important to select the insurance program that fits your needs, and DiveAssure is your one-stop-shop for it. Travel in peace, knowing that if something goes wrong, you are fully covered.