Any diver knows that in order to dive there are certain things that you need to have, starting of course from being a certified diver, to having some basic diving equipment, or even some more advanced diving gear, for those of us who dive regularly. As a diver you also know that the most common diving accident will most likely require treatment at a hyperbaric chamber. Such treatments are usually very expensive, whether you are being treated in the US or abroad. For me, this is a good reason to make sure that I cover myself for such events. I’m sure that if you own expensive diving equipment you have it covered, so why pass on the most expensive piece of equipment, which is you? If I didn’t convince you until now that you should carry a diving insurance policy, remember that in sometimes medical evacuation will be needed in order to transfer you to a hyperbaric chamber, which can often be far from where you were diving. These expenses alone can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. There are many other things that can go wrong when you have a diving accident, however, the medical treatment and medical evacuations can literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
Now, you probably have a medical insurance policy that covers you for all the daily needs, such as doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital visits and more. There are hundreds of different policies out there, so I can’t speak for all, however, I can tell you that most medical policies will not cover you in full, or even in part, for diving related expenses. Some policies will simply not cover you if you are outside the country, regardless of the nature of your claim. This is why you need a specific diving accident insurance policy, that specializes and is focused on covering diving related expenses. There are some countries that make it mandatory to have diving insurance when you dive in that country. Some places will not let you complete your certification without getting insurance. To me this makes a lot of sense and I wish that more countries would make it mandatory.

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